New York City roofs
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Roof Culture during Quarantine (part 1) in motion Song: Blue World by @macmiller

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ジョシュ・ キャッツさんも、ロックダウン中のニューヨーカーたちの単調な生活風景を、写真に収めている。夕焼けを眺める人や屋上でのタバコ休憩、グラスワインやスローダンスを楽しむ人などの様子が写し出されている。


NYC quarantine roof culture – days 27-34. Everyone is looking for ways to break the monotony of quarantine. Many neighbors come outside every evening to watch the sunset, a routine I’ve grown quite fond of. Lots of people are drinking or smoking around this time (as seen in this set), and while it’s easy to chalk up to boredom, I like to think these indulgences have a ritualistic importance. As the days blend together, work and leisure feeling suspiciously similar without a change of scenery, forming relaxing routines is a crucial escape, and I love seeing how the roof takes part. Of course, this same effect can be achieved with daily smoothies and yoga, but I’m just making observations here. A delightful subplot – I wanted to share the 7th image in this set with its joyous dancing subjects, but their roof is a bit too far for me to yell to (though we’ve been exchanging waves every day for the past week). I realized my new friend, Sara, who lives in the building between us, could help as an intermediary. Sara yelled over to give them my Instagram, and we promptly got a video chat going. Coincidentally, one of the girls had the same idea and made a sign with her Instagram handle to establish contact (see 8th image). The 9th image is a video chat screenshot of their reaction to watching themselves dancing in my previous video. Maybe I’ll try starting a rooftop game of telephone that’ll travel from Brooklyn to Queens. Big thanks to @adorama for loaning me a @canonusa 100-400mm lens, helping me make contact with further neighbors!

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そのほかにも、バレエダンサーのRobbie Fairchildさんと、振付師のChris Jaroszがロックダウン中のダンスの様子を屋上で撮影。


Sending health and happiness to you. #robyn #honey #roofseries

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