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Wooke rice factory

Lawrence Conley

Opened to the public in March 2009, Wooke produces microwaveable rice, which is sold in packs of one, three or five. The idea behind the factory is for people to be able to enjoy the taste of fresh rice without having to spend the time to cook it. The rice, sourced from Toyama Prefecture, is milled, pasteurized and then cooked in a sterile environment with natural spring water from the Japanese Northern Alps, without use of additivies. It is then steamed to homogenize the moisture and flavor of the rice. Though the factory is not the first of its kind domestically, it also exports its output to Europe. The factory’s two shifts of workers currently produce 1.5 million packs a month; the addition of a third shift is expected to bring production up to 2.3 million packs a month.

Wooke rice factory details

232-5 Nyuszencho Shimoiino Shimoniikawagun, Toyama
Telephone +81 76 576 0023

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