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Keijusha Washi Bunko handmade paper

Keijusha Washi Bunko handmade paper

Lawrence Conley

Keijyusha is one of about 300 papermaking manufacturers across Japan. The history of Japanese paper in this region is long a long one, with the craft being introduced by a Kyoto nobleman in the 16th century. At the manufacturing site, 250 to 280 pieces of paper are made every day. All these papers are made of finely torn kozo bark, mixed with water and a substance extracted from the roots of hollyhock as a kind of binder. Keijyusha uses a method that involves running water through gel-formed paper, instead of the uniquely Japanese nagashisuki, which is more of a shaking and scooping process. At the on-site museum, Japanese papers are showcased. At the shop different varieties of paper, unique papier-mâche animals, artworks, stencil or block print papers and calendars are all available for purchase.

Keijyusha President Yasuki Yoshida, comments on papermaking:

The paper is made of kozo, mitsumata, gambit and Abelmoschus manihot. The kozo plant is in the mulberry family (Moraceae). Paper made with thick, long and strong fibre of kozo has masculine texture. The mitsumata plant is in the Thymelaeaceae family. Although the fibre is less strong than the other materials, it is delicate, very flexible and shiny, with a feminine elegance. The gambit plant is in the same family as mitsumata, the Thymelaeaceae family. Its fibre is fine, short, uniform and shiny. The paper texture is smooth, easy to write on and superior in endurance; that’s why gambit is praised as the “King of Japanese paper”

Our papermaking craftsmen have about 5 to 7 years of papermaking experience.

When shipping, we select each paper by separating out the highest quality product.

Our products range in price from ¥150 yen to ¥2,500 yen.

Keijyusha President Yasuki Yoshida, comments on papermaking:

Keijusha Washi Bunko handmade paper details

668-4 Kagamimachi Yatsuo, Toyamashi, Toyama
Telephone +81 76 455 1184

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