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Lawrence Conley

This family run business boasts a 140 year history of carrying on the tradition of Kokutani quality while also creating porcelain with revolutionary designs (the name Imakutani means ‘contemporary Kutani’). The delicate designs of the mugs and tea cups are beautiful to behold and, together with the pleasant feel in the hands and on the lips, are a great way to appreciate a delicious beverage. The head of Imakutanigama, Taichi Nakamura, explains their works in more detail.

We have been in operation for seven generations since our foundation in 1870. What makes Imakutani special is that we are extremely particular about usability. Starting with our ‘Gumpu-Grip’ handle that allows you to use the piece all day without tiring your grip, we strive for a degree of usability that appeals to all five senses, with a touch and shine as familiar as one's own skin and a smooth feel to the lips.

The creation of our products is divided into two processes: the creation of the body, followed by glazing. Shaping is preformed using a combination of our own original shaping technique and shaping on a pottery wheel. Another original technique we use is a type of detailed relief engraving called yuki kutani, used to portray snowscapes. For decorating, we repeat the decoration and glazing process many times in order to express depth and diverse textures. Firing is performed at least three times but can be up to as many seven or eight times.

I believe that the biggest difference compared to other ceramics is in the parts that one cannot see, such as the consideration we put into usability and preparation for decoration, and in the way we create our wares so that the user can be transported into a different state of mind when using them.

When purchased domestically in Japan using Japanese yen, the lowest priced items are 5,000. The most expensive are around 1.5 million.

If you are interested in collecting Imakutanigama wares, I suggest you start with one of our mugs as a starter item. These products embody our meticulousness to the greatest degree.

Imakutanigama details

13-37 koh,Nishiki-machi,Daishoji,Kaga-city,Ishikawa
Telephone +81 76 172 0901

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