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Ueno Sakura Festival

FREE Major venue
Around Town
Fri Mar 21 - Sun Apr 13, 2014 Ueno Park

Even among Tokyo's innumerable flower-viewing spots, Ueno Park stands out with its sheer scale ...

Ueno Sakura Festival: CANCELLED

Around Town
土 3月 19 - 日 4月 10, 2011 Ueno Park

The annual Ueno Sakura Festival, located near the Shinobazu-no-Ike pond, presents a great ...

Shitamachi Food Fes in Taito

Around Town
Until 日 9月 28, 2014 Asakusa Tokiwa Shokudo and a total of 56 restaurants

56 restaurants, including both traditional eateries and trendy newcomers, from Asakusa, Ueno, ...

31st Kappabashi Kitchen Tools Festival

Around Town
火 10月 7 - 月 10月 13, 2014 Kappabashi Dori

Back for its 31st edition this year, Dogu Matsuri is an annual festival held in Kappabashi, the ...

Open-Air Films at the Museum

Film , Around Town
金 10月 10 - 土 10月 11, 2014 Tokyo National Museum Main Building Plaza

Ueno's National Museum sets up a huge screen in front of the main museum building for this ...

Ueno Summer Festival (2014)

Around Town
土 7月 12 - 日 8月 10, 2014 Shinobazu Pond and surroundings

Ueno's natsu matsuri kicks off for real with a parade down the area's central street on July ...

Iriya Asagao Matsuri (Morning Glory Festival) 2014

Around Town
日 7月 6 - 火 7月 8, 2014 Iriya Kishimojin

It's worth getting up early – as in crack-of-dawn early – for Japan's largest morning glory ...

Shitamachi Tanabata Matsuri (2014)

Around Town
金 7月 4 - 木 7月 10, 2014 Kappabashi Hon-dori

Asakusa's Kappabashi – the famed Mecca for Tokyo chefs looking to kit out their kitchens – is ...

Animal Fantasia at Ueno Zoo

Around Town
木 3月 27 - 金 3月 28, 2014 Ueno Zoo West Zone

The a break from panda-watching at Ueno Zoo for this opportunity to listen to a selection of ...

Ueno Zoo Anniversary

Around Town
木 3月 20, 2014 Ueno Zoo

Japan's oldest and Tokyo's most popular zoo celebrates its 132nd anniversary with this free ...

'Sweet Tour' at Ueno Zoo

Around Town
金 2月 14 - 土 2月 15, 2014 Ueno Zoo East Zone (by the elephants)

Learn about the game of love between a variety of animals on this guided tour of Ueno Zoo. ...

The 88th Kokufu Bonsai Exhibition

Art , Around Town
火 2月 4 - 水 2月 12, 2014 Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum

Hobbyists battle it out for years just to get their trees accepted for judging at Japan's (and ...

Tokyo National Museum Autumn Garden

Around Town
土 10月 26 - 日 12月 8, 2013 Tokyo National Museum Japanese Garden

As autumn turns leaves all over the city red and yellow, the National Museum opens its gardens ...

Yohei Taneda Presents: The Cinematic World of Koki Mitani

Art , Around Town
土 10月 12 - 日 11月 17, 2013 Ueno Royal Museum

Renowned production designer and art director Yohei Tanada has worked with directors like Zhang ...

Shitamachi Tanabata Matsuri (2013)

Around Town
金 7月 5 - 水 7月 10, 2013 Kappabashi-Hondori

Asakusa's Kappabashi – the famed Mecca for Tokyo chefs looking to kit out their kitchens – is ...

Ueno Summer Festival

Around Town
土 7月 16 - 日 8月 7, 2011 Ueno Park

Ueno's 'natsu matsuri' kicks off with a parade down the area's central street on July 16, ...

Ueno Park

Around Town  |  7月 14 2011

It's a mystery why so many guidebooks implore tourists to visit Ueno Park during their stay in ...

Thai culture festival redux

Around Town  |  6月 08 2010

Get a double dose of Thai culture at Ueno Park

Auspicious running courses 2010

Around Town  |  2月 09 2010

Detox and relax with an auspicious run to kickstart the year

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