30 things to do this weekend

Your guide to the best parties, gigs, art shows and freaky jazz festivals

30 things to do this weekend

30 things to do in Tokyo this weekend
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Shotgun Salud!!!
Rubber-mouthed rapper Chinza Dopeness and his Doping Band lead the charge in what promises to be a raucous start to the weekend. Why? The folks at WWW are offering two free tequila slammers to every customer. Read more

Grayson Gilmour
New Zealander Grayson Gilmour was supposed to hit Tokyo last year for the Red Bull Music Academy, only for it to get moved to Madrid instead. He finally makes it here this week: catch him at Ruby Room tonight. Read more

Jazz Art Sengawa 2012
Consider it, if you will, the mutant evil twin of the Tokyo Jazz festival. Poets, dancers and experimental oddballs head to western Tokyo for this weekend's Jazz Art Sengawa, which kicks off tonight with Cicala-Mvta. Read more

Gutai: The Spirit of an Era
Over half a century after they exploded onto the art scene, the avant-garde Gutai group have finally been granted a large-scale retrospective in Tokyo. Best enjoyed this evening, when the museum stays open until 8pm. Read more

Bo Ningen
Devoted fans of psych noise, Sabbath riffs and pro-wrestling, London's Bo Ningen start their Japan tour with a sold-out show alongside one of the few local acts who can rival their on-stage intensity: fellow longhairs Gezan. Read more

Dragon Rock
Few parties this weekend are likely to get as molten as this one. M.I.A. collaborator and ex-Major Lazer man Switch brings the ghetto bass to Sound Museum Vision, with support from DJs Usus, Kango and more. Read more

Bikini Night 2012
There are classier ways you could be spending Friday night, but if you'd rather just listen to no-brainer house music (from Black Eyed Peas producer Funkagenda) while ogling at dancers in bikinis, this one's for you. Read more

The dark, claustrophobic dancefloor at Module should provide a suitable launchpad for this gathering of some of Japan's top techno operatives. Len Faki protégé A.Mochi plays live, with a guest set from DJ Tasaka. Read more

Mojuba Nacht
Don 'Oracy' Williams has garnered plaudits for his Mojuba label, one of the most dependable bastions in the deep house world. The Berliner brings Mojuba Nacht to Eleven, joined by one of his signings, local boy Stereociti. Read more

Likemind #2 feat. Aril Brikha
Stockholm's Aril Brikha never quite shucked his early affection for the work of French synth god Jean-Michel Jarre. Expect Detroit techno laced with intricate synthesizer work when he plays live at Air tonight. Read more

30 things to do in Tokyo this weekend
Friday | Saturday | Sunday

By James Hadfield
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