30 things to do this weekend

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30 things to do this weekend

30 things to do in Tokyo this weekend
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Asagaya Nomiya Festival
¥4,000 gets you a free drink at over 60 eateries and watering holes in the hip west Tokyo 'hood of Asagaya. If you've got the stamina – and the stomach – for it, this could be one heck of a pub crawl. Read more

Five years after they released their last album, Autumn of the Seraphs, Pinback's Armistead Burwell Smith IV and Rob Crow have finally produced a follow-up – and they're giving Tokyo audiences the first listen. Read more

Psysalia Psysalis Psyche
Spend half an hour surfing YouTube vids of hip guitar rock from the past 40 years, and you might get a feel for what Psysalia Psysalis Psyche sound like – or you could just head to their album release gig tonight. Read more

Fire! with Jim O'Rourke
Swedish post-jazz supergroup Fire! hit their stride on their sophomore album, Unreleased?, recorded in Tokyo with Jim O'Rourke in 2010 – and this rematch promises to be rather delicious. Read more

This Is Reggae
Get nodding to some vintage Jamaican dub, dancehall and lovers rock at this vinyl-only party overseen by some of Tokyo's most hardened crate diggers, Haruyasu 'Big H' Kudo and Osamu Sagawa among them. Read more

Omnivorous II
There'll probably be as much chin-stroking as dancing going on at this all-nighter, where the lineup ranges from post-rockers Number0 to electronica artist Mergrim to virtuoso hip-hop-blues duo Uhnellys. Read more

Asobinite!!! x Capsule
Can Yasutaka Nakata's star rise any higher? The producer behind Perfume and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu heads to Ageha tonight to celebrate the latest album release for the project that's dearest to his heart: Capsule. Read more

Girls Festival Vol. 3
The girls – sorry, ladies – get in free at Sound Museum Vision, as superstar hip hop DJ Kaori returns for another of her Girls Festival parties, this time with Ryota 'Jazztronik' Nozaki, DJ Yummy and J-pop singer Ms. Ooja. Read more

Ken Ishii vs. DJ Tasaka
Following tussles with Takkyu Ishino and Dexpistols, techno veteran Ken Ishii trades DJ sets at Air with an equally prolific, if marginally less celebrated, figure: DJ Tasaka. No fuss, just some serious music. Read more

Cézanne: Paris-Provence
Have the crowds died down yet at the National Art Center, Tokyo's lavish Paul Cézanne show? Probably not, but you might be able to beat the rush this evening, when the museum stays open until 8pm. Read more

30 things to do in Tokyo this weekend
Friday | Saturday | Sunday

By James Hadfield
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