Ongaku no Hi

Over 7 hours of J-pop heaven

Ongaku no Hi

With the long weekend upon us and glorious weather in Tokyo predicted, it might seem a shame to make plans for staying in. But you're unlikely to find J-pop fans out on the town this Saturday night, not with Ongaku no Hi taking pride of place on TBS.

Imagine, if you dare, seven hours and 40 minutes of nonstop music, much of it from the world of J-pop. Whether you choose to strap on a pair of pussy ears and plant your litter tray in front of the TV, or perhaps block out the noise with a pair of ear muffs and just get as far away from the TV as possible, there is no denying the ambition of the event. At the last count, over 50 artists had pledged their time to the extravaganza (over 98, if you break AKB48 down and count each member separately).

Not that it's a charity bash, or anything. The main reason for the artists to get dolled up is to go down in Japanese TV history: Ongaku no Hi will be the longest TV live performance the country has ever seen. And yes, for better or for worse, they will all be performing live.

Hosted by the irrepressible Masahiro Nakai (the leader of SMAP, fresh from courting controversy with Lady Gaga and YouTube), the lineup as it currently stands includes:

Masafumi Akikawa
Ikimono Gakari
Sayuri Ishikawa
Tomomi Itano
Every Little Thing
Kei Ogura
Miriya Kato and Shouta Shimizu
Yuzo Kayama
Kinki Kids
Mai Kuraki
Kumi Koda
Hiromi Go
Muneyuki Sato
Sukima Switch
Masanori Sera
Hideaki Tokunaga
Dream Morning Musume
Naoto Intiraimi
Shoko Nakagawa
Toshiyuki Nishida
Kana Nishino
Not Yet
Kiyoshi Hikawa
Funky Monkey Baby's
Noriyuki Makihara
Kousetsu Minami
Ryouko Moriyama

Ongaku no Hi will be broadcast on TBS at 7pm (Japan time), July 16. For more info in Japanese, check Ongaku no Hi

By Jon Wilks
Please note: All information is correct at the time of writing but is subject to change without notice.


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