Lady Gaga gets her YouTube account suspended

Lesson learned: you do not mess with SMAP x SMAP

Lady Gaga gets her YouTube account suspended

Photo by Mariano Vivanco

Pity Lady Gaga. First she gets sued for allegedly scamming people over her 'We Pray for Japan' charity bracelets. Now she's had her official YouTube account suspended, apparently because she posted footage from her recent appearance on the Fuji TV show SMAP x SMAP. The ten-minute performance featured a medley of songs from her new album, Born This Way, laced with Japan-themed ad libs that we're pretty much certain Shingo Katori didn't understand.

As ITmedia reports, the ladygagaofficial channel was taken down overnight on July 12 following a copyright infringement claim from Media Interactive Inc., who seem to be the go-to online henchmen for companies looking to nix Japan-related content on YouTube. Media Interactive was also responsible for getting J-pop superstar Hikaru Utada's official account suspended last year, provoking a confused response from Hikki herself on Twitter.

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By James Hadfield
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