5 to try: Falafel, Part 3

There may be a nugget-sized boom in the offing...

5 to try: Falafel, Part 3

Shinsen: Kuumba du Falafel

At a glance, the exterior of the stylish Kuumba du Falafel looks more like a designer boutique than a falafel shop. But the falafel sandwiches here are absolutely crammed with ingredients. Generous portions of freshly fried falafel, salad, eggplant and houmous are lovingly stuffed into a thin pita pocket. It’s so enormous you’ll feel like you’re holding a boxing glove. The distinguishing feature of Kuumba du Falafel’s sandwich is the fresh vegetables that it is filled with. We’d recommend adding a touch of their slightly hot spicy sauce to the colourful salad fillings, and if you are just looking for a light meal, the half size is still pretty filling.

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By Takeshi Tojo
Translated by Virginia Okno
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